Foster Care and Adoption

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The Foster Care / Adoption Unit is responsible just to the children in agency custody and their families. Comprehensive services to meet the various and numerous needs of these children are provided starting at the moment it is known that the children will be removed from their families (either by the decision that a child is not safe due to abuse/neglect, a parent is unable to care for the child, or the agency is awarded custody by the court due to a juvenile justice matter). Foster care is a temporary living arrangement for children who have been abused or neglected and need a safe place to live. With the approval of a judge, the local Department of Social Services can take custody of the at-risk child(ren) and place the child(ren) in a foster home.

Services are provided to assist families in overcoming crisis and situations that led to removal and allows them to reunite

We work to locate the best possible alternative arrangement, relative placement, foster home, therapeutic foster home, group care etc.

Adoption services can begin and continue until the adoption is finalized.

The Division of Social Services NC Kids Adoption and Foster Care Network website is This site is a resource for families interested in Foster care and Adoption.

The goal of this unit is permanency for children.