Present Use Value Overview

Present Use Value (PUV) is the value of land in its current use as agricultural land, horticultural land, or forestland, based solely on its ability to produce income and assuming an average level of sound management. PUV tax deferment may be referred to as PUV, Land Use, Farm Use, or simply a “tax break”. 

Present Use Value is a voluntary program that requires compliance with certain rules by the owner in exchange for preferential tax treatment. As long as the owner(s) continues to meet all the statutory requirements set by North Carolina General Statutes 105- 277(series), the property will remain in present use value.

The three categories of land that may qualify for classification:

Wildlife Conservation

Wildlife Conservation is a separate program. Land that meets all the requirements as wildlife conservation land must be appraised and assessed as if it were classified under the present use value program as agricultural land; regardless of whether the land is open or wooded. 

Wildlife Conservation Program

For more information on these programs please click on the links below to access the Land Use Program Guide and to access related property tax forms.

Land Use Program Guide:
Present Use Value Forms:

Compliance Review

Compliance review is an annual review of at least one-eighth of the properties in the Present Use Value Program, these audits verify that those properties continue to qualify for the present use value classification. The period of the review process is based on the average of the preceding three year's data for agriculture and horticulture. The county may ask for any income, production, and/or sound management documentation for the three preceding years as part of the review. Forestry may cover a greater time period because the growth cycle for timber encompasses many years.

Click here for information on disqualification and/or deferred taxes.

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