Outside Agency Funding

Lincoln County Government provides opportunity for a non-profit or similar agency to request appropriations each fiscal year during budget development. In order to be eligible, a requesting agency must complete the Non-Profit and Agency Appropriation Grant application and submit to the county by mid-January each year. The exact deadline is based on the county’s Budget Calendar and Preparation Manual dates set each corresponding fiscal year. In order for an agency to be considered, the applicant must demonstrate how funds will be used to support and/or enhance services to the citizens of Lincoln County. All applicants must provide a fully completed and accurate application in order to be considered for any funding. Approval of funding does not guarantee future funding appropriations. A new request must be made each year unless the county approves a special project award for a specified period of time. 

Any questions can be emailed to Amanda Hallman at amhallman@lincolncounty.org