Internal Review of Inspectors Decision

1. The Applicant may request a review after reporting inspector or plan reviewer has made a decision and supported that position with an applicable North Carolina State Code reference.

2. After the Inspector has provided an applicable North Carolina Building Code and the applicant disagrees with the decision, they may appeal that decision to the Lincoln County Chief Building Inspector.

3. The applicant may obtain the application of Internal Review of Inspectors decision from the Lincoln County Website or visit our office at 115 W. Main St. Lincolnton NC.

4. The applicant may submit the application to the Lincoln County Chief Building Inspector by:

a. Mail to : Chief Building Inspector

Ben Holden

115 W. Main St.

Lincolnton NC 28092

b. E-mail to:

c. Hand deliver the application to the Lincoln County building inspection office.

5. The Chief Building Inspector shall make a response to the applicant after reviewing the application and any supporting documentation submitted by the applicant. After the Chief Building Inspector questions the reporting inspector and visits the site of the project as necessary, a reply shall be made to the applicant.

6. The applicant may request a meeting with the Chief Building Inspector if further review is desired.

7. The applicant may appeal the decision by the Chief Building Inspector to the North Carolina State Building Code Council as referenced in General Statute 153A-374.

Appeal Application